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If you think you have what it takes to work in a challenging but fun home environment
for competitive pay, keep reading…


Dear superstar,

All too many Filipino’s with an incredibly positive attitiude and great work skills and experience are stuck in boring, repetitive jobs that they have to spend a painful amount of time commuting to. Or worse, no job at all. Or maybe the job is ok, but it’s project based and they know in just a few short months they’ll be looking for another job to keep the paychecks coming.


Sound familiar?


If you’re looking for an exciting, dynamic job with the best commute in the world then Done For You Solutions could be the place for you.


All you need is a reliable computer, a solid internet connection (and back up plan just in case to stay connected), a great attitude and solid work skills. You could be working right from home!


We’re looking for superstar contractors that are looking for a full time committment. There can be flexibility in your work schedule but this is not project or part time based. This is full time work and full time income.


Done For You Solutions is currently expanding and looking to fill current openings for Philippine based:

  • Web Developers / Designers
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Virtual Team Leaders


Now, to be clear, we only hire the very best…


It’s extremely common for us to weed through 20 applicants or more before we decide to bring one on. We’re looking for skilled, experienced team players with a positive attitude, fluent in English and aren’t afraid to be proactive in communicating with other team members all over the Philippines and doing work for small business owners all over the world.


So if you’re looking for a full time position from home with long term potential (some of our team have been with us for years!) and a variety of tasks and responsibilities to keep things fresh and new, this could be your new home.


To apply for any of the positions above, contact Dianne at


By the way, even if things don’t work out here, Dianne and VA International may be able to place you elsewhere so it’s worth talking with them right away!


To your success,


Ric Thompson



Done For You Solutions


Author of Outsource This Now: How to Triple Your Profits Through Smart Outsourcing