Done For You Solutions, like any company, can’t be great at everything. For those things we don’t do, we have great companies or individuals we can refer you to. The resources below are just some of the ones we have in our Members Only Rolodex…


Transcriptionist – Karen Kraimer

A top notch service to help you turn your audio into the written word. We’ve successfully referred them to multiple DFYS members.

“Most of our clients prefer that we edit for readability (keep true to what the speaker says while correcting basic grammar). That helps the sentences flow for easy reading. We take out all the “so” “ums” and filler words. ” –
Karen Kraimer

If you would like, they can do a verbatim transcript. It’s whatever your preference is.

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SEO Strategist – David Wright

A fellow member of DFYS and very successful entrepreneur and author in the field of SEO. We’re delighted to be able to refer you to someone of this quality in the ever changing world of SEO to help craft a world class SEO Strategy for you. Note that he focuses on “White Hat” techniques – nothing “grey” or “black”. If you don’t know what that means – don’t worry it just means he likes to play nice with the search engines instead of trying to find constantly changing loopholes to “beat” the system.

David B. Wright is a bestselling author and is President & Chief Marketing Officer of W3 Group, a marketing firm that helps businesses get more business. David provides marketing services ranging from high-level strategic direction down to the tactical implementation including SEO, mobile, local, social, video marketing, online PR, and more. David has gotten to Page One of Google in as fast as three minutes! David has lived in Tokyo, Japan, done business around the world and has been quoted in numerous publications including Inc. Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, AMEX Open Forum,, and Business Insider. He has climbed Mt. Fuji and dozens of other mountains, loves SCUBA diving, music and all sorts of adventures. He learned to surf in Bali, did archery in the crater of a Japanese volcano, was a radio DJ in Atlanta, rode an elephant through the jungle in Thailand, and even outran a wild macaque on a mountain in Nikko, Japan.

After you have your SEO Strategy – have our team get the work done for you.

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Content Creation – Pat Marcello

Pat has done multiple projects over the past few years with DFYS founder, Ric Thompson. Her current company does a wide variety of services, including most notably – content creation. Here’s a little about what she has to say:

All of our writers are U. S. based, with English as their native tongue, and have a solid body of writing experience behind them.You will be 100% satisfied with the content we provide or we will re-write for you at no extra cost. Try us, and if you’re not completely happy with our work, we will gladly refund your purchase price for each unpublished article returned — in full. We are more than comfortable making that offer because we are confident that you will love what we can do for your brand, no matter the size of your company. Let us walk the all-important content distribution treadmill for you, and rest assured that you will not be disappointed.

You may:

  • Provide topics to write about or allow us to create them for you.
  • Review each article before it is published (which we can do for you or you can do yourself).
  • Ask us to provide images and screen shots to accompany what is written or supply them yourself.
  • Be confident in that every article we prepare is SEO friendly and appropriate to search conventions of the day.
  • Rest assured that your content will arrive on time, every time without mistakes or poorly written passages.

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