Web Design & Development

Frequently small business owners KNOW what they want, they just need a cost effective solution to get it done. That's where we shine. We can help you design and develop the site your business needs - your way.

Reports and Data

Want a successful business? You have to know your numbers. Don't have the time to get all the numbers? No problem. We've got detail oriented people who can follow your instructions to the T and get you the data you need when you need it.

Customer Support

It's a well known fact that 80% to 90% of customer service inquiries are very routine. Why not have a cost effective labor solution to handle the mundane day to day questions and problems - and still keep that human touch?

Virtual Assistants

There's a huge variety of tasks that need to get done in your small business to free up the owner and other key players to really shine. Our skilled staff can handle a far wider variety than any one single person can by utilizing our unique team based approach.
There are many Done for your services and solutions out there - I have interviewed many of them even worked with a handful, however I haven't ever had a great experience until I started working with Ric and his team. I give him and his service a double thumbs up.

-- Matt Bacak
Done For You Solutions handles over 20 hours a week of work for my business, freeing me up to focus on what I do best - grow my business!

-- Dan Kuschell
I am loving DFYS and recommending it to lots of people.

-- Bridget Marsh