Welcome to Done For You Solutions.If you’re looking to increase productivity, cut costs and boost the bottom line – you’re in the right place!

By having an outsourced solution to handle routine repetitive tasks or accomplish what you haven’t been able to so far you can make incredible progress on your goals, and boost your own bottom line.

Having started in 2010, Done For You Solutions is a unique service provider focused on making you more productive and more profitable.

By teaming up with us, you can get custom created, high value, Done For You Solutions where all the work for a wide variety of tasks are done for you, with minimal effort on your part, no learning curve, and very limited time spent. All the real work is done by a custom team trained and set up to provide you exactly what you need – according to YOUR specifications.

Would you like to have a blog or site according to your specific standards?

Want to enjoy routine business or marketing tasks done for you?

If it’s something that can be systematized, why do the work yourself? Why not have a solution that does it for you?

You can add any number of income streams to your business, and have us do all the work for you!

With our team of outsourced professionals trained in a wide range of skills, anything is possible:

  • Blog set up or maintenance
  • Site development
  • Email management
  • Email marketing
  • Research reports
  • Data entry
  • And so much more!

Our team comes primarily from professionals based in the Philippines but we tap into experts anywhere in the world we find them.

They are hard workers, fluent English speakers, knowledgeable in an incredible array of outsource tasks and are a dream to work with!

The founder…


Ric Thompson

Internet visionary, Ric Thompson, is an unrepentant serial entrepreneur whose 12+ year career has secured his spot as one of today’s top “behind the scenes” industry giants.

As co-founder of the Healthy Wealthy nWise publishing empire, as well as countless successful start-ups, Ric continues to set the standard for online business done right.

His latest venture, Done For You Solutions, an innovative virtual outsourcing company, is no exception. Poised to totally revolutionize the way outsourcing is done around the world, Done For You Solutions specializes in helping today’s leading entrepreneurs make their life and business work together more effectively … working less to produce more.