The Real Purpose of Meditation

The Real Purpose of Meditation

From Human to #Metahuman: The Real Purpose of Meditation

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  1. Sir, please help me i am seeing the number 444 every where daily .I see cars with no plates 444 and 4:44 on my mobile phone more frequently i dont know why this is happening to me pls help me

    1. Sign of synchrodestiny?

    2. 👍

  2. Very good, I am not my body/mind.

  3. I have always believed, the person voted to President wins!

  4. Dr.Michael Shermer must go through real passionate meditation as practicals before criticizing Dr Deepak Chopra as he not able to grasp theoretically…Dr. Sharma Mumbai

  5. well said .. have an oskar … ha ha ha

  6. Deepak, cuando desees insultar a una mujer, empieza por tu madre. Estoy esperando el dinero que me corresponde por 9 años de soportar abusos y de impedirme trabajar.

  7. No me envíes videos, a menos que desees hablar conmigo.

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