Reiki Energy Healing In Response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Reiki Energy Healing In Response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

By Tony Damian

In this time of great uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus, we all need the feeling of something solid to hold as truth. Not knowing from one day to the next causes stress. Stress puts us in ‘fight or flight mode”. Healing of any kind cannot take place here.  In light of that, we’ve created a new reiki energy healing attunement for de-stressing from the COVID-19 pandemic and fortifying your energetic immune system.

What is this Reiki Energy Healing Attunement?

A Reiki attunement is quite simply an energy healing session that channels universal life-force energy, or chi, for a specific purpose.  The intention and purpose of this attunement are to bathe yourself in cosmic love and light. 

Reiki literally means Universal Unconditional Love Energy. It is the Life-Force Energy that permeates the world of form. Anything that has life, from microscopic to mega-astral has this life-force or Reiki running through it. Also, to fortify our immune system energetically. What our mind sees is our reality.

Who can do this De-Stressing and Immune System Fortification Energy Healing Attunement?

This is for anyone that wishes to rid themselves of Stress, negative obsessive thought, worry, anxiety, and fear over this pandemic that is gripping the world right now; and to energetically strengthen your immune system, your constitution and resolve for health.

Why should I do this Reiki Energy Healing Session?

We are not human beings looking to have a spiritual experience, we are light-beings experiencing a human existence. This light is Reiki. With this in mind, we will shed ourselves of stress, worry, and obsessive negative thought.

How does a Reiki Attunement Work?

By meditating with this Reiki Charged Image in your view, with your mind clear of any distraction, you can tune into the intentions and energy this symbol represents. You will raise your vibration to overcome any adversities of your human existence. You will see yourself as a being of light, healthy, balanced, peaceful, mindful and strong.

When should I do this Reiki Attunement, and how do I do it?

When you feel the time is right to receive this de-stressing energy and this energetic strengthening of your immune system, make sure you will not be disturbed for 30-50 minutes. That means locking the door, turning off your phone and asking anyone who may be in the house with you to leave you alone for a little while! The time you take to individually process the energy may vary of course, but this will give you an idea and ensure you can make the most of the transmission.

You might want to make a ritual for yourself by lighting a candle or two, perhaps burning some incense, or playing some beautiful music – whatever helps you relax and create a sacred space for you and the energy.   

When you’re ready, open the image in a new tab and zoom in so it fills your full screen (don’t worry if you can’t do this – it doesn’t affect the energy, it just makes it easier for you to focus on it).

Next, get in a comfortable position, sitting or lying down – whichever you prefer – and just relax.   

Take in three nice long deep breaths and say (aloud or silently – your choice)

I am now receiving the Reiki Attunement from the Cosmic Energy Bank, for De-Stressing and Healing from the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic and all the negative energies that it represents. I am also Energetically Strengthening my Immune System to create an energy field of protection around me.

Then simply relax and let the energy process. 

When you feel you have received the completed attunement (don’t worry – you’ll know when it’s finished) you can get up and blow out any candles you may have lit and enjoy the energy!

If you are a Reiki Master and would like to contribute to this Energy Healing Project

We invite you to join with us, in this timely and much-needed attunement, to download the manual, and share in this energy by adding your charge and intentions to our image bank.

As practitioners of any healing art, we need to be at our best and highest vibration to be of any use to others, even though it will be at a distance for a good amount of time to come.  Reiki Energy exists out of the confines of Time and Space. Therefore, sending healing to others at a distance, or sending it forward or backward in time is the same as having them right in front of you in the here and now. 

In fact, it can be better, as our human side tends to be sympathetic to other’s trials and tribulations. We have the tendency to feel sorry for others and get attached emotionally. This is being negatively contagious on a whole new level. So distance becomes our ally.

So in this time of social separation and self-isolation to protect ourselves from others, and others from us; it is also a benefit to be doing these exchanges of energy in the same fashion.

Go here to download the Practitioner’s Manual so you can help spread the love.

This is the Age of Aquarius, a paradigm shift of conscious awareness.  Could it be that Mother Nature has put this challenge before us as humans to learn to trust what we have been taught by the ancients within our different healing modalities? And to do so as a collective, whether we like it or not.  A tough pill to swallow, however, from chaos comes order.  

The not knowing one day to the next lends itself as an uncertainty factor.  We do not know what is going to happen, we don’t know where to go, we have little, and we are lost.  This is the best time to let go and allow the universe of endless potentiality to show us what we truly need, and when we need it. Without the ego, without attachment, without judgment, and without pre-determined notions of what it should be.

COVID-19 Pandemic Protection Prayer

At this very moment, may you invoke protection on behalf of yourself and your beloved ones.

With every breath of your being may all dangers be averted.

May gratitude of your wealth as found in good health of body, mind, and spirit be your active prayer of action and protection.

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  1. Love this🥰😘🤗

  2. I am very much aware of this pandemic known to us as covid -19 .I used to do daily turmeric warm milk twice a day and kept myself alone doing night duties when the crowd of officials gone i came in , next day when they came in i went off.Thus is my practical theory to save myself from the people and following every sort of precautions more over the social distancing and regular hand sanitizer and washing with soap use of Indian Herbs and spices to keeping me fir and healthy only we have prevent cough and cold .Thats all . Shapan Kumar Kar.

  3. I love what u r saying

  4. One may we stand whole without judgement I am grateful for my light and my darkness for together it is the essence of endings and transition to create new beginnings breathe my family I see me in all of you and you I feel within❤️

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