Tones, Chakras, and Astrology Sound Correspondences

Tones, Chakras, and Astrology Sound Correspondences

Astrology can also consist of healing tones and sounds. In fact, the exact tones of the planets were calculated by Hans Cousto, the Swiss mathematician, using an octave based on the time for planets to revolve around the Sun. 

From the script of the booklet, “The Cosmic Octave Tuning Forks” by Hans Cousto, we can learn about the frequencies of the Earth, Moon, the planets, and the Sun, as well as their corresponding tones, tempos, colors, chakras, astrological correspondences  and other attributes.

Planet Correspondences and Properties

The Earth:

Tone- 194.18 Hz

Color- Orange-Red

Chakra Correspondence- Root Chakra

Astrology Sign- Center of Zodiac

Properties- Enhances the deep security and safety of Mother Earth, the cosmic sound of Om, and an ability to be grounded and centered. 

The Moon:

Tone-210.42 Hz=G#


Chakra Solar Plexus

Astrological Sign-Cancer & 4th House

Effects- stimulates sexual energy, supports erotic communication, (medicinal:  for women it is good for regulation of menstruation, in general disturbances of gland and lymph system).

The Sun:

Tone-126.22 Hz=B


Chakra-Solar Plexus

Astrological Sign-Leo & 5th House

Effects- advances the feeling of centering of the magic and of the transcendental (medicinal: not yet explored) 

Properties- Enhances our sense of strength and motivation, self-identity, vitality, and radiance and promotes enthusiasm and determination.  Promotes generosity, opens the heart, stimulates creativity, promotes radiance from within, enhances self-awareness and self-expression, promotes self-confidence, understanding of self-will and assists in finding one’s purpose.  Mediation carried out to this tone will lead to state beyond good and bad, shame and guilt, beyond space and time, knowledge, and wisdom.


Tone-141.27 Hz=C#

Color- Blue-Green

Chakra- Throat Chakra

Astrological Sign-Gemini & 3rd House

Effects- Supports the speech center and the communicative-intellectual principle.

Properties- Helps in speech center and the communicative-intellectual principle, facilitates teaching, opens receptivity to receiving and understanding messages, opens one to knowledge and clear thoughts. 


Tone- 221.23 Hz=A


Chakra- Third Eye Chakra

Astrological Sign-Libra & 2nd & 7th Houses

Effects- Supports higher love energy and harmonious aspirations.

Properties-Enhances our ability to feel and have love and close relationships with others.  It symbolizes our sense of creativity and artistry, receiving and sharing, and increases our love of pleasure, peace, harmony, and self-appreciation. 

Holding a tuning fork with the tone of Venus on the third Eye lets in a great flow of love energy and promotes inner harmony, promotes aesthetics and appreciation of beauty, puts one in touch with Goddess energy and sensuality, restores balance, enhances one-on-one relationships, discovery of feminine attributes. 


Tone- 144.72 Hz=D


Astrological Sign- Aries & 1st House

Effects-Supports strength of will and focused energy. 

Properties- Enhances our strength and desire, gets us motivated to act, and brings out our decision-making abilities and assertiveness.  Mars gives us courage and strengthens our sexual desire.  Supports strength of will and focused energy, stimulates new ideas, promotes self-expression, encourages new beginnings, creates vitality and vigor, encourages forward movement and self-assertion, discovery of male attributes. 


Tone-183.58 Hz=F#

Color- Red

Astrological Sign- Sagittarius & 9th House

Effect-Supports creative power and continuous ambition.

Properties- Enhances openness, trust, optimism, good fortune, and brings out a jovial spirit of laughter.  Jupiter allows us to be opened to experiencing grace and the adventure of life.  Helps in creative power and continuous construction, welcoming higher energies to come in, encourages travel and discovery, promotes optimism, and encourages morals and ethics evaluation. 


Tone- 147.85Hz=D

Color- Blue

Astrological Sign- Capricorn & 10th House

Effect- Enhances concentration and the process of becoming conscious, is considered to be a cosmic controller.

Properties- Enhances our ability to be disciplined and set limits and boundaries for ourselves and others.  Saturn helps us become more structured and organized and take responsibility for completing important tasks in our lives. 

It supports the ability for concentration, the general process of gaining consciousness and shows very clearly karmic connections.  It brings structure and order.  Encourages reassessment and self-discipline, deeper connections with crystals and gems, brings spirit into form, encourages structure, promotes commitment. 


Tone- 207.36 HZ=G#

Color- Orange 

Astrological Sign- Aquarius & 11th House

Effect- Supports the power of surprise and renewal, has primeval and erotic power. 

Properties- Enhances our ability to make life changes through inspiration and insight and freedom of expression without self-imposed limitations. 

Supports the power of surprise and renewal, has primeval and erotic power.  Stimulates self-discovery and self-expression, supports the process of individualism, and promotes detachment and more universal perspectives. 


Tone- 211.44 Hz=G#

Color- Orange

Astrological Sign- Pisces & 12th House

Effect- Supports intuition, the unconsciousness and enhances the dream experience.  It is related to the antique God of the Sea.

Properties- Enhances our spiritual experiences and brings out our ability to be compassionate and open to surrendering to our creativity.  Deepens our understanding of mysticism, assists in getting in touch with past lives, promotes dreams, imagination, and intuition, deepens meditation, encourages transcendence, enhances the dream experience. 


Tone-140.64 Hz=C#

Color- Blue-Green

Astrological Sign- Scorpio & 8th House

Effect- Supports the magic group dynamic principal and is said to be responsible for integration into certain structures of society. 

Properties- Enhances our ability to face our deepest secrets and bring light to the darkness in our lives.  Through Pluto we can let go of the old and bring rebirth and new beginnings. 

Responsible for integration into certain structures of society, supports transformation and transmutation, assists in finding one’s authentic power.

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