Dream Interpretation Guidelines and Interventions

Dream Interpretation Guidelines and Interventions
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“Dreams can promote enlightenment and activate a host of inner resources, including our psychic faculties.  Becoming psychically empowered depends largely on a clear understanding of the capacity of dreams to enrich our lives, mentally, physically, and spiritually.” – Joe H. Slate, Psychic Empowerment for Everyone.

While some dreams are simple to figure out, others can be complicated or shrouded in mystery. Dreams consist of the language of symbolism.  Not only is symbolism used as the main element of dream interpretation, but there are other elements to consider also.  These elements are the mechanisms of antithesis and condensation, that can often be disguised in dreams.  In antithesis, a dream’s event, symbol, object or action can mean the exact opposite. For example, dreaming of infidelity can mean a commitment to waking life.  In condensation, the dream can present large bodies of information in a highly condensed form. For example, dreaming you are setting sail on a large boat can represent your entire life’s journey.

Dream Interpretation Guidelines

·         Use a method of recording your dreams when waking up every morning.  Recording your dreams immediately upon waking is when you will have the highest level of dream recall.  Use a notebook or a dream journal. This will help you with dream interpretation later on.

·         Discuss the elements of your dream out loud, to yourself or someone else.  Often, the sound of your own voice speaking about your own dream elements will help you to increase your memories and understandings of your dreams and help with dream interpretation.

·         Keep in mind your dreams are the language of your subconscious mind.  Your subconscious mind is much more powerful than your conscious one. If you had a dream that seemed frightful, harmful or made you fearful, keep in mind the element of dream antithesis, and that dream meanings can often be the opposite of what they seem.

·         Keep in mind your dream messages should be a source of empowerment and enlightenment for you.  They hold messages and themes that are uniquely made for and by you only.

·         Keep dream references by your sleeping area such as dream dictionaries and dream topic related books.  However, keep in mind that you yourself are the best analyst of your dreams, your dream meanings, and interpretations.

·         Practice free association when interpreting your dream meanings.  For example, verbally state the symbol or object you saw in your dream.  Then, take a moment to visualize an associated response. Write it down if you wish, and you will be starting to build your own dream interpretation dictionary.

Dream Intervention Exercises

Dream Intervention programs can help you harness the power of your dreams and help with dream interpretation.  Many dream intervention exercises are based on laboratory research that improves memory, increases creativity, and promotes career success.  The following dream intervention exercises are goal-oriented. This means that you must have a clear and well- defined goal prior to going to sleep.

The programs are general in nature and can be tailor-made to fit your specific goals.  The exercises are designed to help you achieve precognitive awareness of the future. For each of the following programs, it is recommended that upon awakening to take some time to reflect on your dream experience and record them on paper or in your dream journal.

Solar Plexus Rest

The Solar Plexus exercise consists of resting one of your hands on your solar plexus before getting ready to sleep.  As you start feeling relaxed throughout your entire body, state your goal and affirm you have already achieved it. Visualize that your goal has been reached.  Upon awakening, again place your hands on your solar plexus region to confirm its effects. This is a great exercise related to goals involving interaction with the spirit realm.

Arm Lift Technique

This exercise is geared towards goals involving academic and professional success.  This exercise is geared towards helping you become more confident and motivated in your academic and career life.  Once you become drowsy, lift one of your arms and hold it in a raised position. State your goal and an affirmation relating to its achievement.  Visualize the successful completion of your goal. You can also affirm that as you sleep, your dreams will tap into the power of your subconscious mind and the resources needed for your success.

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