How the Zodiac Signs FLIRT

How the Zodiac Signs FLIRT

Here’s how each of the zodiac signs flirts.

Depending on which zodiac sign you were born under, your flirting style may vary greatly. For some signs, it can be a daunting task that can turn them into a blithering idiot whilst for others it can be something that just comes naturally.

Aries flirting style is robust, competitive, confident, and pretty much anything but subtle. They can be rather exhausting but extremely fun and playful.

Taurus is an endurance flirter who plays the long game. They like to wait until all of the show-offs have left the room before they swoop in to make their move.

Gemini can be a puzzling and confusing flirter sending many mixed symbols. One moment they’ll seem bored and uninterested and the next they’ll lunge in for a passionate kiss.

Cancer is a caring flirt who can make a person feel as though they are the only person in the entire room. When they decide to turn on the charm they can be extremely alluring.

Leos’s flirting style is confident and regal. They will catch your eye with their peacock-like presence. They then back it up by displaying unwavering self-worth.

Virgos flirting style is subtle but sophisticated and alluring. When they flirt it can sometimes seem like a job interview at first but they will soften over time and win you over.

Libras are natural born flirts who just love to make people feel wanted. They can be extremely touchy when they are into someone.

Scorpio’s flirting style is hypnotic and rather straight forward. They’ll stare someone out from across the room and then lure them in with their intoxicating presence.

Sagittarius is a happy and hilarious flirt. They can capture your attention with their dry sense of humor and ability to tell a great story. They can be rather crazy and adventurous.

Capricorns flirting style is low-key and all about “less is more”. They are casual in their approach and able to charm you with their authenticity and intellect.

Aquarius have a witty and clever flirting style. They have an uncanny ability to make you fall in love with their mind before they have even laid a finger on you.

Pisces flirting style is reserved but extremely cute. They can be somewhat awkward at first but once they open they are incredibly sensual flirters.

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