Done For You Solutions



Thomas Janssens

You all did such a great job building the website! And amazing thanks for your patience with me to get it published.

Christina Bronson

Definitely a 10! Great work, great people!

Kay Julien

I wanted to compliment two of your staff that have helped me with my web site. G and Jerome helped me to select the correct theme and hosting company. They worked with me while we got the theme downloaded through Skype to Jerome and he quickly loaded it onto the web site.

I wanted to convey my thanks for their help in getting the site up.

Michael Pennison

I am a very new customer but my experience of your company to date is first class – 10 out of 10. Thanks very much

Janet Stanely

The work and effort by my DFYS team has been great. Very responsive, very patient and helpful and willing to stretch to meet my needs.

Veronica Vargas

You and your team are a 10!!!

Sylvie Olivier

I’m really liking this so far. The team has been working well.

Rob Julien

Annick and I are thrilled to work with Gazelle… it’s much more a play than a work per say! She is a diamond in our team! While we are establishing a relationship, we are also effective.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Warmly,

Sylvie Olivier

I don’t have to screen anybody because you’ve done all the work. I don’t have to pay payroll taxes, I don’t have to pay workers’ compensation insurance. It’s absolutely an incredible package what you’ve put together.

Dave Lavinsky

Couldn’t do without you, thank you!

Rebecca Thomas

What you’re doing Ric is truly revolutionary… but equally important is you’re gonna save a lot of heartaches for a lot of people.

Mark Cohen

Just so you guys know, I really did some due dilligence on this and I talked to quite a few people who are now working with Ric through this Done for You program and outsourcing to his team and everybody had great things to say. I’m really good at checking references, checking people, something I’ve used to do for a living so I know how people spell the beans and share the bad stuf and I really couldn’t get them to say anything bad. I just want to say I highly recommend you guys jump on this. I’m sure it’s gonna change some of your lives.

Ryan Eliason

It’s just great to get insight from someone who has been there, someone who helps others, and from someone who is just willing to be transparent. Far too often, I come across people who are just like “Yeah, we can do that.” They have no experience doing it. Everybody ends up unhappy. I really appreciate the way Ric, that you just… Having known you now for a few years. I know how you are. If you can help you’ll say “Yeah, I can help.” But if you can’t, then you’ll say “Yeah, I’m just not the right person for it.” I really appreciate that and I really appreciate you”

Steve Olsher

This gets my highest recommendation… I have real world clients right now who are working with Ric on an ongoing basis, month to month, and frankly it literally is night and day and they’re writing me to say:”Oh my God! I love Ric! Thank you so much for introducing me to him!

Noah St. John

You want to do business with people you know you can trust. I’ve known that I can trust Ric for years. When you get an endorsement like that … why would you go with an unknown?

MaryEllen Tribby

It sounds like a complete no-brainer to me. You’re paying for 10 hours and you’re doing my work. This is really making my life easier. I want to continue with it or I don’t want to continue with it. It’s beautiful. It’s a no-brainer, like I said. I’ve signed up.

Willie Crawford

I use their services, Have for a couple years. Very good and timely results. Team is very creative.

Priscilla Wainwright

I appreciate the fantastic service you provide.

Susan Seals

I really like the feeling I get just organizing and sending each project off to the experts. I think this is just the ticket I have needed for a long time. Thank you

Donna Johansen

I have been very happy with the results so far and have several projects for my VA.

Kathleen Gage

There are many Done for your services and solutions out there – I have
interviewed many of them even worked with a handful, however I haven’t ever
had a great experience until I started working with Ric and his team. I give
him and his service a double thumbs up.

Matt Bacak

Siege and Levi are great. They do what they say they are going to do and are
very polite and respectful. And, the quality of work they do is very good. I
am quite pleased.

Their communication – so far – has been exemplary. As I said in our
briefing, I have been accused of over-communicating in my life, but they
more than fit my requirements for five-star communication. I have to say
that Basecamp makes it easy to communicate – it’s a great tool.

I do have one gripe – where the heck were you about a year ago!
Of course, I’m kidding. This is my way of saying “Thank you” and that I am
thrilled to be doing business with you and your team, Ric.

Wayne Nelson

Done For You Solutions handles over 20 hours a week of work for my business, freeing me up to focus on what I do best – grow my business!

Dan Kuschell

I’ve worked with a bunch of virtual assistance and ‘we’ll do it for you’ companies over the last few years, and I had yet to find one that worked well enough to recommend them to friends and clients. That was until I met Ric and his team of professionals. They take the time to understand a customer’s needs, and then think of ways to take as much of the work out of the customers hands and onto their own plate. With many companies it’s almost as much work managing the virtual assistant(s) as it is taking on the work in house – but not with these guys… They’re top notch and I can’t recommend them enough.

Mike Purvis

You guys rock!

Kyle Battis
Marketing Manager
Overcome Everything, Inc

Real happy with your team. The biggest
logjam at this point is me just not sitting down
long enough to MAKE DECISIONS on what I
want done… and then getting the stuff to them

Andy Hussong

I love everything about Done For You Solutions.
I appreciate the strategy session I had with you. I was impressed with your quick grasp of my business, and your ideas on how to move it forward. More than anything, I found your integrity and authenticity powerfully appealing. It is clear that your values carry over to the staff at Done For You Solutions, and G. Antasuda is a delight to work with. I look forward to a long and enduring relationship with G., and everyone at DFYS. I certainly rate you at 10.

Mirish Kiszner

Thanks very much for this valuable resource. I am happy with the services you and your teams have rendered thus far, and expect to continue to be!

Dru Marie Robert

Just a heads up that Jerome has been such a pleasure to work with – so all good there!

Stephanie Burton

I was pleased with the work that was done … and I will also happily recommend you to others I meet.

Anne Phelan

They went out of their way to help me and work with a very tight schedule and I LOVE what they came up with for my videos.

Elisabeth Desilets/ Saida Desilets

I am so happy with DFYS. You have a good command of English, honest management, and your team is doing great

Eric Hardenbrook

It has been very fruitful for me to work with your people. I had been in
the “dream it” mode for a number of months. The trial period has helped me
think it through. Siege and Dennis have provided the structure I needed so
that I could move forward. I think 20 hours a month will be fine for now.
Thanks for such a positive experience.

Jo Ellen Neihart

Anna has been GREAT to work with though, and I would recommend Done For You

Cindy Anderson

I would rate you as a 10 ….great job so far

Becky Sharon

I am very happy with DFYS. My account manager is wonderful and their communication is superb!

Juliet Easton

Wow, you’re amazing! Thank you!

Ida Bergman

“Things are moving forward with the team getting my web develop more and I
am really happy with the results that they are producing.

Tisola Lear

10! Doing a great job.

Dave Coote

It’s going really well so far, as planned, moving ahead at an excellent pace.
I’m right with you re: communication, and it has been very good with our small team so far too.

Catherine Pawasarat

I am loving DFYS and recommending it to lots of people.

Bridget Marsh

I love this service!
My account coordinator G is great.
The team members who work on projects for me are communicative, polite, attentive, and go out of their way to do a fine job.I would recommend the DFYS service to anyone who has their game plan in place and is ready to rock.

Best regards,
Susan Seals