What types of tasks do you do?

We do a wide variety of things your company needs. Web development and design, admin tasks, research, customer support, data entry, data gathering and reports, welcome calls to clients, etc.

The important thing is to ASK. We’ll be very open about what we can and can’t do for you.

Is there anything you don’t do?

Of course. No company can do everything. The things we’re most commonly asked for that we don’t do are: writing / copywriting and transcription.

NOTE: We’re working on transcription but until we’re 100% confident we can consistently offer high quality work in our price structure, we won’t offer it.

Why is it monthly?

Our average client needs work done every month. It may be the same task done repeatedly (weekly reports, customer service, etc) or it may be totally different tasks based on what ever projects you’re working on.

By having a monthly program, that allows us to pay for a standing staff that’s available when you need them. We aren’t using some pool of freelancers. Our team are full time staff dedicated to us so that they aren’t out there looking for other jobs to pay the bills.

Can I put my account on hold?

If you’re hitting a slow period in your business there are a couple of things we can do like cutting down the monthly number of hours you’re ordering, or pushing back the bill date by a week or two to compensate for a vacation or whatever.

And of course, as long as you’re a monthly client, any unused hours will roll over to the next month.

What we can’t do is put your account “on hold”.

When a client orders X hours in a month, we have to pay for staff to be available to work those hours – so there is a hard cost associated to us. Now we can be very flexible – which is why we roll hours over. But we can’t carry a balance of hours into future months indefinitely not knowing when the work will be needed – i.e. when we have to pay for extra staff to be available. With a monthly commitment, we can have staff available whenever it’s needed.

Where is your staff based?

Our staff is based in the Philippines (GMT +8) which is 12 hours ahead of US East Coast (during Daylight Saving Time).

Over many years of finding outsourcers from all over the world, we’ve found that the Philippines where English is one of 2 national languages, and a strong American influence over the past few generations, plus with various economic factors make it the best place to get great staff at great prices that we can pass off to you.